Lucky 7


Due October 3, 2014

What is the “Lucky Seven” exhibition?
“Lucky Seven” is an exhibition in the Visual Arts Gallery to showcase programs in the Visual Arts. Each program concentration area advisor will choose one BFA student and one MA or MFA student in each program to have work in the show. Two students (one undergrad and one grad) representing the photography area will be selected by instructors Susan Grant and Danielle Khoury.

Since each area within our department can put forth one undergrad and one grad student to be included in the exhibition, the photography area will once again open this opportunity as a “call for submissions.” Advanced instructors will review and select one photo undergrad and one graduate student to be included by October 10th.

Eligibility for Application:
  •  Applicants must be either an advanced undergraduate student with a major concentration in photography or an MFA student with a concentration in photography.
  • Chosen students must be prepared to exhibit 2 professionally presented works, framed and ready for installation.
  • October 20th: Chosen students must be ready to deliver works to the gallery by the date specified.
Application Requirements & Procedure:
  • PDF including 5 images from one body of work
    Each image in the PDF must include label with your name, year in school,
    degree, title, media, size, and date of artwork.
  • Email PDF to one of your photo instructors:
    Susan Grant
    Danielle Khoury:

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