2015 SPE/MCC Film and Video Festival

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SPE Multicultural Caucus   /   Deadline: 10/15/14

The SPE MultiCultural Caucus is looking for original works in film or video to screen at the SPE/MCC Film and Video Festival at the 2015 Annual Conference in New Orleans this March. rnrnThis year we will have a screening room and also show the festival over the hotel’s TV system, so conference attendees can see your work with friends, or screen the videos in their own rooms. The list of selected works and artists’ bios will also be printed in the conference catalog. Don’t miss this chance to have your work seen by one of the world’s most discerning and important audiences- your fellow SPE members! rnrnThe festival is curated by SPE MCC member Neil Chowdhury.


SPE 2015 National Conference – New Orleans, LA




This is a SPE members’ only exhibit, so please be sure to update your SPE membership in order to have your work considered for the festival.


Multi Cultural means the festival is open works by and about people of every culture. We are seeking time-based works that explore issues of cultural identity in the broadest possible sense. There is no restriction on subject matter, genre, or medium. We hope that this festival can highlight the amazing diversity and talent to be found amongst members of SPE.

Short works (under 10 minutes) are preferred, but if you have a longer piece please contact the curator directly and we may be able to find a way to screen a trailer, excerpt or shorter edit.

Please email a short written synopsis/statement for the piece and a short artist bio to Neil Chowdhury at scoopneil@gmail.com. Include:
– Title of Work
– Name of Artist/Director,
– Date of Production
– Medium
– Run Time in Min:Sec.
– Include full credit information for collaborators, as well as any restriction you may have on distribution and reproduction of the work.

Upload a full resolution Quicktime File of the video piece to dropbox folder http://tinyurl.com/qjz5aft. Please name your file in the following format: firstname_lastname_titleofwork.

You can also mail your work on a DVD to: Neil Chowdhury, Department of Art and Design, California State University Fresno, 5225 N. Backer Ave. M/S CA65, Fresno, California 93740.

All works must be original and not contain any copyrighted material unless you have the copyright holder’s permission to use and share them. By submitting this work to the SPE MCC Film and Video Festival, you are giving permission to SPE to reproduce the work on a compilation that will be exhibited in the conference screening room and broadcast on the conference hotel’s TV system at the SPE National Conference.

Contact Information

Department of Art and Design, California State University Fresno 5225 N. Backer Ave. M/S CA65
Fresno, CA 93740

W: www.spenational.org
E: scoopneil@gmail.com


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