Call for Entry | Alternative Processes

©Allison Jarek, ©Kimberley Waite ©Athena Tasiopoulos, ©Erin Malone, ©Gayle Stevens

Due: May 11, 2015
Alternative Processes | PhotoPlace Gallery
Juror: Amy Holmes George

Platinum, palladium, silver gelatin, mixed media, pinhole camera, plastic camera, collage, albumen, Daguerreotype, multiple exposure, cyanotype, salt print, photogravure, Van Dyke, tintype, photoresist… you get the idea.

Some alternative process, whether historic or thoroughly modern or both, should be at the heart of submitted work.  Digital manipulation alone should not be essential to the aesthetic of the final image.

Amy Holmes George has agreed to jury this exhibition and we’re thrilled to have her eye.  Amy will choose 40 photographs for exhibition in the gallery, and up to 35 additional for the gallery’s Online Annex.  All 75 accepted photographs will be reproduced in the exhibition catalog.

About the Juror

Amy Holmes George is a teacher, fine art photographer, and President of the Texas Photographic Society. She has held teaching appointments at Baylor University, the University of North Texas, Collin College and Stephen F. Austin State University, with a special interest in instructing alternative photographic printing methods.  Her dedication to Alternative Processes is evident by her co-founding “alt8”, an alternative processes group active in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Amy has exhibited throughout the U.S., as well as in Italy, England, France and China where her work has been featured in over 100 exhibitions.  Her photography is held in the permanent collections of the Getty, The Kinsey Institute, and the Fratelli Alinari Museum.
Submission fee: $30 for five photographs, $7 for each additional photograph.


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