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Due: August 23, 2015
At Home | Don’t Take Pictures

Don’t Take Pictures exists to showcase the work of emerging photographers. In addition to publishing photographers in print, and online in our monthly columns, we also publish online quarterly exhibitions.

The meanings associated with the word “home” are as varied as dwellings themselves. For some, home is a place to put down roots, a place of safety and comfort; for others, it is simply a place to hang their hat. A home can extend beyond structural walls to include yards, streets, and the culture of a whole town. Everyone, for better or for worse, has a place they think of as home, a place where personal histories are shaped and life is lived. For “At Home,” Don’t Take Pictures seeks photographs that explore the wide array of environments that people call home.

The exhibition will be published online from August 26 – November 24.

Fees: FREE

File specs:
– 72 dpi
– sRGB
– no less than 1024 pixels and no more than 1500 pixels on the longest side

Email up to three photographs to with “At Home” in the subject line

Include your name, title of photograph, and a link to your website (if applicable).


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