Call for Entry | Tribe

Due: February 7, 2016
Tribe | LightBox Photographic Gallery
Juror: Blue Mitchell

Show Dates – March 12 – April 5, 2016

In this world with many species of earth’s creatures, the central group that binds us together and allows us to best cope with our existence, is family. Our peers, cousins, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, pets, neighbors and so on. Whatever central group we either identify with or are connected to by blood, however small or large, our Tribe nourishes and protects. Our Tribe is central to our identity. We find comfort with our most intimate, supporting and loving group.

Please share your vision of Tribe with us!

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“Throughout my life there’s been only one consistency: Family. Of course it has changed drastically over the years from the nuclear family; mom, dad, grandparents, uncles aunts, etc. Then divorce, remarriage, and now my family has doubled even quadrupled in size. And then it expanded even more when friends became closer than blood. After high school I was adopted into a military family, these comrades became my family—thick as blood as they say. And now, many years later, I have my own nuclear family—my own kids and it’s the strongest bond yet. As far as people are concerned, my definition of family has morphed over the years but ‘family’ is so much more than just people. Family can be those things that bind; people, places or animals that make us feel whole. Maybe it’s a strong connection to the earth or heavens—the things that help us feel connected.  Whatever you may call it, family, kinfolk, clan or maybe a murder of crows, send us your visual interpretations of Tribe!” ~ Blue Mitchell


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