Call for Entry | Issue #76: Portfolio Issue

Due: March 15, 2016
Issue #76: Portfolio Issue 2016 – April / May
F-Stop Magazine


This issue will be a Portfolio Issue. Submit a body of work along with your artist/project statement.

Submit 10-20 photographs along with your artist/project statement (statement must be in the text of the email not as an attachment please) following the guidelines below.
Issue #76 will have an expected publication date of April 1, 2016.

Only one submission per person for an issue.
The featured artist is chosen from the work that is submitted to the issue

* If the current themes do not fit your work check back for future issues.


  • PLEASE be careful not to resubmit images that have already been published in f-stop.
  • PLEASE DO NOT write your information or file names in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • PLEASE limit your submission to 12 images, no more (unless that issue’s guidelines ask for more).


  1. jpg files only,
  2. 800 pixels FOR THE LONGEST EDGE – For a horizontal picture = width, for a vertical picture = height
  3. File size under 250kbs Please “save for web” OR aim to make each file under 250kbs. see belowfor detailed instructions.
  4. No borders or watermarks. Please do NOT incude borders or watermarks. Ask if you have questions about what is acceptable.

Instructions for saving your images for web in various software applications – here.


  1. Please name the files with your first name and last name (given name then surname) and a number.Please use the same name that you list in your email as your name.
  2. No spaces, dashes, parenthesis or other non letter/number characters. You can put an underscore between first and last name if you would like.

Example for “Susan Smith”=  SusanSmith1.jpg,  SusanSmith2.jpg etc.


  1. Subject line of your email should indicate which issue you are submitting for – issue # or name
  2. Please send your images in 1 email
  3. Please try to ATTACH the image files not embed them, dont attach them using Google Drive – a zip file is fine. No .rar files please.
  4. Please put all information (below) as text in your email not as attached documents.
  5. Please do not send pdfs or other text files, only your images should be attached.


  1. Name – not in all capital letters please. First (given) name, then Last (surname) name
  2. Location – where you live
  3. Titles for your photographs in a numbered list please write out each title as you would want it to appear and please have the list numbers match your file numbers. (in the text of the email)
  4. Email address in the text of the email (if you don’t want an email listed on the contributors page if included in the issue, say so and leave blank.)
  5. URL for more of your work – preferrably your own portfolio website not flickr or facebook or behance or a blog etc., in the text of the email

Submissions Email:

If you have any questions or have difficulty sending your images please email.

Click here for more information.



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