SPESC Adjunct Grant| 2015 SPE National Conference


Due: February 20, 2015
SPESC Adjunct Grant | Society for Photographic Education South Central Region


Applications for SPESC Assistance Grants for Adjunct Instructors to support attendance at the 2015 SPE National Conference at in New Orleans, LA, March 12-15.


SPESC offers assistance grants in the amount of $600 for adjunct instructors to encourage participation in SPE. The money is awarded to adjunct instructors specifically to help defray travel expenses to attend the conference.


Any current SPE member who is employed during the 2014-2015 school year as an adjunct instructor in the South Central region may apply for an SPESC assistance grant. Preference will be given to those adjuncts who can articulately demonstrate their interest in attending the conference with a history of involvement with SPE. Additional preference will be given to members who have been accepted to present at the conference. Members who received the grant within the last year are not eligible.


Colleagues who are willing to be a reference for the applicant are not required to provide written letters of support. However, they should be notified and willing to support the applications as a reference. Applicants must provide accurate contact information including name, title, phone, and email. If needed, regional board members will contact faculty to confirm applications.


Please follow the guidelines exactly so that application is not disqualified:

  1. Members must compose a formal letter of application. This letter should detail their teaching experience, their involvement with SPE, their other related activities, and should state why they should be awarded a grant.
  2. Be sure to include the information for the colleague that is providing a departmental reference (name, title, phone, and email).
  3. Please include in the document a direct link to one Image Gallery on your spenational.org profile.
    • You will need to be a current member to create and link to a gallery.
    • The URL in your application should link directly to the gallery.
    • Gallery must be made public.
    • Applications that do not link directly to an SPE Member Gallery will not be considered.
  4. Label PDF file as Lastname_Firstname_Adj_spesc_spring2015.pdf.
  5. Email application pdf file to:
    • Bryan Florentin at southcentral@spenational.org
    • Use the exact subject line: SPE Faculty Assistance Grant Applicant – Spring 2015


Assistance grant winners will be notified of their status no later than February 27. Winners will be presented with their check at the business meeting during the conference. Therefore, winners must register for the conference and arrange travel and accommodations themselves.


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