Call for Entry | TPS 25

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Due: March 21, 2016
TPS 25: The International Competition | Texas Photographic Society
Juror: Rixon Reed

Texas Photographic Society is delighted to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of this annual call for entry. To commemorate the long-standing history of the international competition, this year’s juror, Rixon Reed, will select the work of 25 photographers for the exhibition. This call is open-themed, and submissions from artists of all levels are encouraged.

Calendar of Events
02-02-16  Call for entry announced
03-21-16  Entries due
04-15-16  Emails sent to entrants
05-23-16  Matted and framed prints due in Alpine, Texas
06-03-16  Show opens at Museum of the Big Bend in Alpine, Texas
08-31-16  Show closes; travels to Martin Museum of Art in Waco, Texas, among other venues

First Place = $500
Second Place = $300
Third Place = $200
Director’s Award = $200
Up to 5 Honorable Mentions may be awarded

Entry Fees
Entry fee is $30 for 5 images, plus $6 for each additional image. Photographers may enter up to 10 images. Please don’t forget to include your membership fee, if also joining TPS at the time of entry.

TPS 25: The International Competition is open to artists of all levels internationally. You do not need to be a member of the Texas Photographic Society to enter this competition. However, you may join TPS and enter this show at the same time (read more about TPS member benefits). Works exhibited previously in a TPS show are not eligible, and all entries must be submitted digitally. Current members of the TPS Board are permitted to enter but are not eligible for awards.

Instructions for entry are outlined below, following the juror’s bio and statement.

About the Juror
Rixon Reed, Founder and Director of photo-eye and Art Photo Index in Santa Fe, New Mexico

After graduating from the University of Arkansas, Rixon Reed attended NYU film school and later worked for Lee Witkin managing the Witkin Gallery photobook department in New York in the mid-1970s.

Reed started photo-eye in Austin, Texas, in 1979 as a mailorder book business and issued the first photo-eye Booklist—at the time, one of the very few ways you could buy a curated selection of photobooks via mail. The photo-eye Booklist became a widely read catalogue of the best photobooks published. In 1991, Reed moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and opened photo-eye as a combined gallery and retail bookstore space. In 1996, photo-eye opened on the web as one of the first online galleries and specialty bookstores.

Today, photo-eye Gallery is located in Santa Fe’s Railyard Arts District showing acclaimed contemporary photographers along with emerging artists. In a separate location, photo-eye Bookstore + Project Space showcases the best in photobooks while exhibiting book-related projects.

In 2013, Reed created Art Photo Index to help curators, gallerists, publishers and other photo professionals discover new work by emerging talent. Art Photo Index is a resource and search engine of nearly 37,000 works by over 3,700 photographers from 90 countries.

Juror’s Statement
In today’s image-laden world, it’s not hard to find interesting photographs to view. There are an incredible number of websites with constant streams of images, but usually with very little context. Scroll through them long enough and you’ll almost always find something to linger on. But for me, it’s rare that these images give me the desire to delve deeper and learn more about the work scrolling past me.

So, what do I respond to?

As a bookseller who sees hundreds of new titles each year, I get most excited about work that uses the medium in aesthetically interesting ways. I’m drawn to all kinds of imagery from documentary, street photography, portraiture, nudes, to constructed photographs and studio work. In judging whether or not a book is successful, I ask myself, does this present an unusual viewpoint? How creative is the design? Does the form it takes make sense aesthetically with the work it contains?

As a gallerist, I’m drawn to artists who are exploring their world in exciting new ways and producing images with fresh ideas and/or aesthetic beauty. I’m particularly interested in the use of alternative processes in the age of the digital image or unusual uses of digital photography.

But ultimately, when looking at individual images, I want to be struck by their originality. I want to feel the image emotionally and I want it to be smartly done.  I want to find images that make me think, “Here is a creative mind working on something different.”


Prepare Your Files
1. Files should be 1200 pixels in the longest dimension and saved in JPEG format on the highest quality setting. Images should also be saved in Adobe RGB color space.

2. Label each file as FirstName_Lastname_ followed by consecutive numbers. For example: Sam_Jones_1.jpg, Sam_Jones_2.jpg, etc. Please don’t forget to include the “jpg” extension.

3. Do NOT use spaces in the file name, and do NOT use special characters such as :;’”/?}{()[ ]+=*&^%$#@! (use only alpha-numeric characters).

4. Please prepare the following information for each image: (1) print title; (2) print process/medium; and (3) price or NFS.

Submit Your Entries and Make Payment via Online Entry Form
Please select the “Enter Now” button above and follow the prompts to make your payment online (or by check) and then upload your files. If you experience difficulties with this online entry form, please notify TPS Executive Director Amy Holmes George

TPS encourages the sales of exhibited work and will not seek commission from print sales. The opening venue for this exhibition, Museum of the Big Bend, will collect a 30% commission on all works sold in their space. Print your name, address, telephone number(s), and price on the back of each accepted print. If your print is Not-For-Sale, simply note NFS but provide a dollar amount for record-keeping purposes. If you do not indicate a dollar value, the artwork will be listed as NFS.

TPS will exercise all due care when handling your work, but will not be held responsible for loss, damage, or replacement.

TPS retains the right to display, project, and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers still retain copyright to his/her own individual images. Also, an exhibition catalog will be created to showcase the selected works.

If Your Work is Accepted
* Prints must be matted AND framed for submission.

1. Send one exhibition print for each photograph that is accepted.

2. Prints must be mounted and overmatted using 16″ x 20″ white mat board with at least 2″ of matte visible on all sides of the print. Maximum print size is 12″ x 16″.  Smaller prints, 3″ x 5″ for example, are acceptable if they are mounted and overmatted to the 16″ x 20″ size. To ensure consistency in presentation, please frame your work using simple black metal frames with plexiglass ONLY. Also, please use hanging wire on the backside of your print. TPS reserves the right to exclude works from the exhibition that are not matted and framed according to specifications.

3. Include return postage for prints to be shipped back to you when the exhibition concludes. Prints WITHOUT postage will NOT be returned. Prints will be returned in the container in which they were received.

4. No packing “peanuts,” and please be considerate of our limited storage space when choosing your packaging.

5. Prints must arrive at Museum of the Big Bend in Alpine, TX, no later than May 23, 2016.

If you have questions after reading all the guidelines, please contact us


Call for Entry | Open Call – Streit House Space

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 1.30.31 PM

Due: March 1, 2016
Open Call | Streit House Space

Streit House Space is an online gallery that aims to merge the presentation of the physical and virtual photographic image. Photographers submit their work via email which is then printed, displayed on a wall, documented and finally posted online. Images are printed only once which makes them a singular and unique object.

Streit House Space is run by Jordanna Kalman who has taken a lot of photographs, run a few galleries, and spends a lot of time taping things to the wall.

Submissions to the gallery:

If you would like to participate in the project please send us an email with a link to your website.

Please put “submission” in the subject line of your email.
If you are selected you will receive an email with instructions for preparing your work for the gallery.

Deadlines for each quarter are March 1st, May 1st, July 1st and September 1st.

Call for Entry | The HAND Magazine

The Hand Magazine

Due: February 29, 2016
Issue #12, April 2016 | The HAND Magazine

TheHandCFE– Please print and post at your school art department, supply shop, or cool hangout! Thanks!


There is NO THEME

The HAND Magazine is printed IN COLOR!! Black and white and monochrome images are also accepted and will be printed accordingly.

Any subject matter is acceptable, but all images must be done in a photographic or printed media only. No more than 5 images per submission, please.

We are also accepting articles that describe a contemporary body of photographic or printmaking work or a recent or current exhibition featuring primarily works in those media. Art criticism is also welcome. You must include 4 images with your article with contact information/ releases from artists whose work you include.

New! If two or more individuals living at the same address all wish to submit but do not want multiple copies of the magazine, they may do so by simply paying the single submission fee and each submitting images UP TO A TOTAL OF 5 IMAGES PER FEE. Please indicate this in the “notes to seller” prompt during the PayPal process and/or make a note of this in the email in which you send the images.

Send all submission materials listed below to:

Submission specifications:

1) All images must be saved as jpg files, 300 dpi, 10 inches (3000 ppi) on the longest side.

2) Articles and submission forms can be attached as doc, docx, rtf, or pdf files:

Please copy the text from the appropriate form and paste it into a Word Document (doc). Complete the entire form and include it as an attachment with your images: 

ImageSubmissionForm (Word Doc)

Video and Film SubmissionForm (Word Doc)

Article With Images Submission Form

Important note: If total message size exceeds 20 MB, please send two separate messages. Thank you. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Your submission WILL NOT be accepted until you complete the submission fee. The cost difference is due to the fact that your submission also includes a copy of the issue you submit to and shipping costs are greater outside of the US.

Please note: Submissions include 1 copy. For articles including work by multiple artists, the copy will go to the person who actually submits the article/ images. Thank you for understanding!

Call for Entry | Issue #76: Portfolio Issue

Due: March 15, 2016
Issue #76: Portfolio Issue 2016 – April / May
F-Stop Magazine


This issue will be a Portfolio Issue. Submit a body of work along with your artist/project statement.

Submit 10-20 photographs along with your artist/project statement (statement must be in the text of the email not as an attachment please) following the guidelines below.
Issue #76 will have an expected publication date of April 1, 2016.

Only one submission per person for an issue.
The featured artist is chosen from the work that is submitted to the issue

* If the current themes do not fit your work check back for future issues.


  • PLEASE be careful not to resubmit images that have already been published in f-stop.
  • PLEASE DO NOT write your information or file names in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • PLEASE limit your submission to 12 images, no more (unless that issue’s guidelines ask for more).


  1. jpg files only,
  2. 800 pixels FOR THE LONGEST EDGE – For a horizontal picture = width, for a vertical picture = height
  3. File size under 250kbs Please “save for web” OR aim to make each file under 250kbs. see belowfor detailed instructions.
  4. No borders or watermarks. Please do NOT incude borders or watermarks. Ask if you have questions about what is acceptable.

Instructions for saving your images for web in various software applications – here.


  1. Please name the files with your first name and last name (given name then surname) and a number.Please use the same name that you list in your email as your name.
  2. No spaces, dashes, parenthesis or other non letter/number characters. You can put an underscore between first and last name if you would like.

Example for “Susan Smith”=  SusanSmith1.jpg,  SusanSmith2.jpg etc.


  1. Subject line of your email should indicate which issue you are submitting for – issue # or name
  2. Please send your images in 1 email
  3. Please try to ATTACH the image files not embed them, dont attach them using Google Drive – a zip file is fine. No .rar files please.
  4. Please put all information (below) as text in your email not as attached documents.
  5. Please do not send pdfs or other text files, only your images should be attached.


  1. Name – not in all capital letters please. First (given) name, then Last (surname) name
  2. Location – where you live
  3. Titles for your photographs in a numbered list please write out each title as you would want it to appear and please have the list numbers match your file numbers. (in the text of the email)
  4. Email address in the text of the email (if you don’t want an email listed on the contributors page if included in the issue, say so and leave blank.)
  5. URL for more of your work – preferrably your own portfolio website not flickr or facebook or behance or a blog etc., in the text of the email

Submissions Email:

If you have any questions or have difficulty sending your images please email.

Click here for more information.


Call for Entry | Tribe

Due: February 7, 2016
Tribe | LightBox Photographic Gallery
Juror: Blue Mitchell

Show Dates – March 12 – April 5, 2016

In this world with many species of earth’s creatures, the central group that binds us together and allows us to best cope with our existence, is family. Our peers, cousins, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, pets, neighbors and so on. Whatever central group we either identify with or are connected to by blood, however small or large, our Tribe nourishes and protects. Our Tribe is central to our identity. We find comfort with our most intimate, supporting and loving group.

Please share your vision of Tribe with us!

Click here for more information.


“Throughout my life there’s been only one consistency: Family. Of course it has changed drastically over the years from the nuclear family; mom, dad, grandparents, uncles aunts, etc. Then divorce, remarriage, and now my family has doubled even quadrupled in size. And then it expanded even more when friends became closer than blood. After high school I was adopted into a military family, these comrades became my family—thick as blood as they say. And now, many years later, I have my own nuclear family—my own kids and it’s the strongest bond yet. As far as people are concerned, my definition of family has morphed over the years but ‘family’ is so much more than just people. Family can be those things that bind; people, places or animals that make us feel whole. Maybe it’s a strong connection to the earth or heavens—the things that help us feel connected.  Whatever you may call it, family, kinfolk, clan or maybe a murder of crows, send us your visual interpretations of Tribe!” ~ Blue Mitchell

Call for Entry | The Mind’s Eye, All About Photo Awards 2016

Due: February 7, 2016
The Mind’s Eye, All About Photo Awards 2016
All About

All About Photo Awards, The Mind’s Eye is open to all individuals who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. It is open to professional and amateur photographers alike.

Is there a theme?

No. What your mind sees and decides to photograph is totally up to your intuition.

How many photos can I enter?

Up to 20 images.

What is the cost of participating?

$30 for 3 images.
$5 for each additional image.

What is the schedule?

Competition opens: October 1st, 2015.
Competitions closes: February 7, 2016, 11:59 PM (MT).
Judging process starts: February 1st, 2016.
Judging process ends: February 29, 2016.

Win cash prizes!

Click here for more information.

The 2016 Snider Prize | MoCP


2015 Snider Prize award recipient Trent Davis Bailey, from The North Fork series, 2014

Due: April 1, 2016

The 2016 Snider Prize

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 Snider Prize, a purchase award given to emerging artists as they leave graduate school. MoCP’s curatorial staff will select three artists for this award: one winner will receive $2,000, and two honorable mentions will each receive $500. These funds will go toward the purchase of work to be added to MoCP’s permanent collection. The prize is open to MFA students currently in their last year of study and is sponsored by MoCP patrons Lawrence K. and Maxine Snider. See below for more information on past Snider Prize recipients.

Submissions will be accepted from January 15 – April 1, 2016 at midnight, and the three award recipients will be announced on May 2, 2016.

Submit your application here:  

Call for Entry | Context 2016

Due: February 5, 2016

Context 2016 will run from March 11th through April 22nd, with an artists’ reception on Friday, March 18th.

A Juror’s choice award and honorable mention will be awarded. The Juror’s choice award comes with a $500 cash prize.

The exhibition is juried by Jennifer Murray, Executive Director of Filter Photo.

Open Theme:Juror and curator Jennifer Murray will consider all types of photographic work for this 2nd annual survey exhibition of contemporary photography.  This open theme allows for the widest understanding of the medium and current photographic practices.

Important Dates:

February 5th: Submissions Close
Mid-February: Entrants are notified of juror’s decision
March 6th: Accepted work must arrive at gallery
March 11th: Exhibition opens
March 18th: Artists’ Reception
April 22nd: Exhibition closes

About the Juror:Jennifer Murray is the Executive Director of Filter Photo.  She is a Chicago-based artist, curator, and educator with more than 15 years experience working in the city’s arts community.  Prior to her appointment as Executive Director she served as Director of the Averill and Bernard LevitonA+D Gallery at Columbia College Chicago, where she organized a broad range of art and design exhibitions over an eleven-year period. Murray is also a founding member of the curatorial collective The Exhibition Project, for which she has helped organize exhibitions including Expanding the Frame, New Landscapes, and an upcoming exhibition at the Freeport Art Museum. She maintains an active photographic practice herself and was recently awarded grants from both the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) and the Illinois Arts Council Agency. Murray is currently an Instructor of Photography at Loyola University Chicago, and she has also spent many years teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Columbia College Chicago.

Call for Entry | CENTER

More categories and jurors for the same price!
JURORS: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jeff L. Rosenheim; The Huffington Post, Chris McGonigal; Photo-eye Gallery & Bookstore, Rixon Reed; QUAD & FORMAT Artistic Director, Louise Clements
>> MORE INFO                                  DEADLINE: 1.22.16
JUROR: Susan Bright, Independent Curator & Writer
Get support for a fine art or documentary project-in-progress. The Grant includes a professional development package for project completion and distribution.
>> MORE INFO                                 DEADLINE: 1.22.16
JURORS: Frank Kalero, Co-Founder Goaphoto festival, India
Alison Nordstrom, Curator; Director, Fotofestiwal, Lodz
Ingo Taubhorn, Curator, House of Photography Hamburg
>> MORE INFO                                 DEADLINE: 3.25.16
Apply to the premier juried portfolio review event and photo festival. Reviewers include museum curators, publishers and editors who scout new talent at the event.

>> MORE INFO                                 DEADLINE: 3.25.16
If you have questions, please see our General Guidelines page, contact us at or call at 1-844-CENTER-1.

Call for Entry | Raw Talent: 500X College Expo

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.52.53 PM

Due: January 24, 2016
Raw Talent: 500X College Expo | 500X Gallery
Juror: Ariel Saldivar

About Raw Talent: 500X College Expo

500X Gallery, Texas’ oldest artist-run space, continues our annual juried show for college students!

Like the annual Expo juried show, Raw Talent: 500X College Expo aims to bring together artists from around the state. The exhibition offers college students an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with their Texas-based counterparts and to see work by their colleagues at other institutions. The exhibition will offer visitors an overview of the variety of perspectives that exist throughout colleges and universities in Texas. Opening reception is Saturday, February 6th 7-10pm.

The Rules

*   To submit work, please visit

*   The exhibition is open to all artists enrolled in college-level courses in Texas.

*   The entry fee is $30 for up to 3 images (includes details of work).

*   All visual media are eligible, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video (artist must supply all required electronic equipment).

*   Artists will be notified via email Tuesday, Feb. 7th, if the work has been accepted into the exhibition. If you do not receive an email, your work has not been accepted.

*   All work must be picked up by March 8th. $50 storage charge for work left after this date.

The Exhibition

*   Work must be exhibition ready (with securely attached D-rings, cleats, etc). Works without hanging hardware- even if accepted by the juror- will NOT be accepted for the exhibition, and there will be no refund of the entry fee.

*   Complex installations will be considered only if the artist is available to install.

*   During drop-off, accepted entrants must show a current student ID.

*   Securely label each work with your name, title of work, media, dimensions, date of execution, and price. You will be asked to fill out a form with this information for our records again on site.

*   The gallery retains a 40% commission on all artwork sold during the exhibition.


  • January 24th, 2016: Submission of work due online at
  • January 31st, 2016: Accepted artists notified
  • February 6th and 7th , 2016, 2-5pm: Artists drop-off work
  • February 13, 2016: Opening Reception
  • March 6th, 2016: Exhibition Ends
  • March 6 from 5-7 or March 7 from 6-8: Artists Pick-Up Work

About the Juror

Ariel Saldivar is the Founder and Executive Director of ArtPrize Dallas, a radically open, independently organized international art competition coming to Dallas in 2017. Formally, Associate Director of The Goss-Michael Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening Dallas’ thriving arts community through programming that supports public engagement with emerging and mid-career British artists. Under her leadership, a successful Artist-In-Residence program was established to bridge international and local artists. She created an art auction model that helped raise over 6 million dollars for the MTV Redefine Staying Alive Foundation. She has curated and advised high-profile contemporary art collections and lectured internationally on art and design. Ariel is an award-winning designer; entrepreneur and former indie rock musician who toured around the world and currently is establishing development strategies to support innovative art education initiatives in Dallas. She currently serves on the Boards of Oak Cliff Foundation, Resources for Creative Exchange, Dallas Museum of Art AOA Advisory Committee, and is an at large commissioner for the Office of Cultural Affairs for the City of Dallas.



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